Comprehensive Business Advisory Services in Sydney

As a business owner or leader, much of your success depends on your ability to maintain a competitive advantage that delivers above average industry profits.

At Fortitude Business Consulting we specialise in helping business owners across Australia create and sustain competitive advantage, regardless of industry or location.

Business Strategy for Owner-Operated Businesses in Sydney

Ultimately, superior business performance is attributed to:

Industry performance – the industry in which the business operates and the strength and direction of the forces (supplier power, buyer power, threat of substitution, barriers to entry, competitive rivalry, etc.) at play their impact on its performance and average profitability.

Individual business performance – the strength and execution of the individual business’ value proposition (product or service offering) and the quality of the resulting industry and market position achieved.

Business strategy is what makes it possible for a business to be more profitable at selling its products and services despite competition from rivals operating in the same market.

While it’s essential to develop and execute a sound business strategy, there is no one ideal or perfect business strategy. If there was, everyone would be doing the same thing, and no one would have any competitive advantage!

The key components of strategy development involve:

  • Understanding where the game is played and the rules of the game – examining and assessing the macro business environment to understand the key trends, determine the key factors that drive competition and your industry’s profitability and establish the range of effective strategies
  • Understanding how the game is played – understanding your competitors and developing an appreciation for their strategies, capabilities and the dynamics at play
  • Playing to win – carefully assessing your market, competitors, resources and capabilities, then making key choices that will set you apart from the competition and create a competitive advantage for you.
Business Consulting Services in Sydney

Conducting this analysis, evaluating the options and making the key choices lie at the heart of Fortitude’s business strategy development services. It relies heavily on logic, intuition, inspiration, following an appropriate framework, and using the right tools!

Business Strategy & Innovation Consulting

Developing and executing business strategy also involves establishing a means of defending your competitive position from imitation. Given constant rivalry among businesses and the transience of competitive advantage, long-term success depends on the level of commitment to ongoing innovation and the calibre of the resulting innovation competencies.

One of the three pillars of our business advisory services involves Innovation Consulting – helping you stay ahead of the game.

Accounting and Taxation Services in Sydney

In addition to the big-ticket items of Business Strategy and Innovation Consulting, we also provide Accounting and Taxation services to keep you on track and compliant.

Incorporating our Accounting and Taxation services into your advisory requirements enhances your business performance and after-tax wealth.
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