Finally, peace of mind about your tax

Pay less tax, reduce your tax obligations and maximise your profits with help from a business tax specialist.

Are you paying too much tax or struggling to meet your tax obligations? You’re not alone.

Whether you’re just getting started, undertaking a major transaction or looking to grow, we’re here to help.
The right business tax advice and tax consulting services can empower you to make better choices, avoid tax traps, and build a clear roadmap to maximising your after-tax wealth. Our tax services have you covered for:

  • Tax planning and minimisation
  • Tax return preparation and lodgement
  • Tax advice and compliance (GST, capital gains tax, fringe benefits tax, etc.)
  • Specialist tax advice for complex matters
  • Tax audit management and dispute resolution
  • Indirect tax advice (payroll, stamp duty, land tax, etc.

Why it’s vital you consult an experienced tax consultant

Taxation is a complex subject that’s fraught with danger for the misinformed and poorly organised. It’s far too easy to slip up and:

  • Pay more tax than required, leaving you with less capital to build your wealth
  • Fail to pay enough tax and end up with large bills, interest, penalties and audit costs, often when you don’t expect or can least afford them
  • Miss your lodgement date, incur late lodgement penalties, stricter lodgement deadlines and increased ATO scrutiny
  • Impair access to funding because you have less equity or funders worry about management.

Fortitude tax consultants have the longstanding experience to help structure major transactions more effectively for tax, plan ahead to streamline compliance, identify potential tax risks, and pinpoint ways to minimise your tax bills.

We deliver proactive advice and electronic lodgement services to make sure you’re in good shape and not taking any undue risk that can come back to bite you later.

We can also manage tax audits and disputes on your behalf – taking the stress off your shoulders and protecting your position.

Make better, sounder and smarter tax decisions with Fortitude’s tax services. We pave the way to lower taxes and higher after-tax wealth for your added peace of mind.

Book a free 30-minute consultation now on 1300 551 040 or email us for more information.