Your client’s needs are growing. Support them with better business advice services

  • Stop relying on a revenue stream with diminishing margins and potential.
  • Attract and retain the higher quality staff essential to sustaining your competitive advantage
  • Build deeper, more loyal and profitable client relationships.
  • Improve your profits and long-term prospects for success.
  • Lower your business risk with skills that target what your clients most want now.
  • Increase your practice’s market value and saleability.

Technology is changing how businesses operate and meet their compliance obligations.

While the complexity and pressures of compliance work continue to grow, technological advances and increasing competition from low-cost providers transform compliance into a commodity.

Both place the income and profitability of your accounting practice under threat – a trend that’s set to continue.

Help your clients with better business advice

Technology’s increasing pace and complexity, along with other industry changes, are driving business owners’ need for proactive, holistic business training, advice and implementation support.

Without these skills, you can no longer deliver the compelling, higher-order business advisory services your clients desperately need. Ignore them, and you risk losing your hard-won client relationships altogether.

Fortitude can help with our training for accountants.

Business advisory services training for accountants

With a well-developed, well-executed business advisory service, your practice can:

  • Provide superior value with the business advice and support your clients so desperately need
  • Secure client satisfaction, acquisition, retention and their long-term success
  • Avoid squeezing profit margins as technological advances, and competition from low-cost, offshore outsourcing services erode your compliance revenue and profits
  • Protect staff recovery rates and job profitability as client expectations for proactive, high-quality and holistic advice dominates their perception of value
  • Continue providing an exciting career path and compelling vision of the future, one capable of attracting and retaining the quality people essential to your competitive advantage
  • Reduce compliance deadlines and the significant workflow and capacity management challenges that inhibit growth in more profitable areas of your business
  • Capitalise on the work you’ve done building up your client base by delivering what your clients want most.

Business Advisory Services – The future for accountants

It takes years of experience in public practice and further education to develop the business advisory skills that meet your clients’ needs. Can you afford to wait for years while your people develop these specialised skills? Will your clients wait to have their higher-order needs fulfilled, or will they look elsewhere?

Our business advisory services training means you don’t have to.

We train your people to identify business opportunities and threats and deliver proactive, high-value advice to your clients in a cost-effective manner.

Ask us to supply your people with the skills, tools and programs you need to turn them into multi-skilled proactive business advisers. You’ll accelerate your staff development in vital new areas that can significantly grow your business and help it thrive in the future.

Build on your strengths

As an accountant, you already enjoy a privileged relationship with your clients and unique insight into their affairs.

Our Business Advisory Services Training for Accountants and implementation support can equip you and your team to offer a value proposition more closely aligned with your client’s higher-order needs.

We’ll help you on this journey by:

  • Meeting with you and your team to understand your current situation and training needs
  • Assisting your staff to overcome the self-imposed limitations that hold them back and prevent effective marketing and Business Advisory service delivery
  • Delivering a tailored, modularised Business Advisory Training Program to equip your people with the skills to market and profitably deliver proactive, high-quality, holistic Business Advisory Services
  • Providing your staff with comprehensive workbooks and tools to assist them on their journey
  • Giving you the systems, procedures and tools to deliver Business Advisory services effectively
  • Where needed, providing individual coaching to address specific staff or client needs.

Your competitive advantage pivots on how you position your value proposition and develop the competencies needed to deliver it.

Future-proof your business today

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