Business Advisory Services Training

Business Advisory Services Training for Accountants

Technology is changing the way businesses operate and meet their compliance obligations, which is why Fortitude Business Consulting introduced Business Advisory Services Training for Accountants.

While the complexity and pressures of compliance work continue to grow, advances in technology and increasing competition from low-cost providers, are transforming compliance into a commodity.

As a result, the income and profitability of many Accounting Practices is under threat – a trend that is set to continue.

Client Needs are Growing!

For business owners, the complexity and the pace of technology and other changes are driving an increasing need for proactive holistic business training, advice and support.

As business owners typically look to their accountants for advice and support, you risk losing your client relationship if you cannot deliver on their higher order needs.

Client’s needs are growing and they are becoming more demanding and mobile! Driving the need to move beyond tax and compliance!

Without Business Advisory Services Training for Accountants and crucially, the support needed for implementation, you will place your future income and wealth at risk.

A Tsunami of Change!

Without a well-developed and executed Business Advisory service, Accounting Practices will find:

  • It difficult to provide superior value in the form of the business advice and support that clients are in desperate need of
  • They risk jeopardising client satisfaction, acquisition, retention and their long-term success
  • That profit margins will be squeezed as compliance revenue and profits are eroded by technology advances and competition from low-cost offshore outsourcing services
  • Staff recovery rates and job profitability will diminish as client’s needs and expectations for proactive, high quality and holistic advice dominates their perception of value
  • It is difficult to provide an exciting career path and compelling Vision of the future, capable of attracting and retaining the quality people that are essential to your competitive advantage
  • Your practice will remain locked into compliance deadlines and the significant workflow and capacity management challenges, that inhibit growth in more profitable areas of business
  • All the work you have done to build up a client base could be destroyed by shifts within the industry and changing client needs and expectations

Business Advisory Services – The Future for Accountants!

While years of experience in Public Practice can develop the Business Advisory skills needed to meet your clients’ needs, you cannot afford to wait years before your staff develop the specialised competencies needed to identify and meet your clients’ higher order needs!

Your clients need accountants that are capable of identifying opportunities and threats, and delivering the proactive high value business advice needed in a cost-effective manner that can create greater value for them.

You need to accelerate the development of your staff and supply them with the skills, tools and programs needed to turn them into multi skilled proactive business advisers.

Fortitude’s Business Advisory Services Training can help you on this journey. If you would like to learn more contact our team today on 1300 551 040.

Business Advisory Services Training – Building on Your Strengths

As an Accountant, you already enjoy a unique insight into your clients’ affairs and a privileged relationship with them.

With Business Advisory Services Training for Accountants, and crucially implementation support, you and your team will be equipped to offer a value proposition more closely aligned with the higher order needs of your clients and:

  • Reduce your reliance on a revenue stream that has diminishing margins and potential
  • Build deeper, more loyal and profitable client relationships
  • Enhance your ability to attract and retain higher quality staff that are essential to creating and sustaining your competitive advantage
  • Lower your business risk
  • Improve your profits and long-term prospects for success
  • Increase the market value and saleability of your practice

Business Advisory Services Implementation

While you already have clients that need specialist business advice, providing this advice and getting your clients to pay extra for it, requires dedicated resources, training, tools and marketing.

Fortitude Business Consulting can help you on this journey by:

  • Meeting with you and your team to understand your current situation and training needs
  • Assisting your staff in overcoming the self-imposed limitations that hold them back and prevent the effective marketing and delivery of Business Advisory services
  • Delivering a tailored, modularised Business Advisory Training Program that will equip your people with the skills needed to market and profitably deliver proactive, high quality and holistic Business Advisory Services
  • Providing your staff with comprehensive work books and tools to assist them on their journey
  • Providing you with the systems, procedures and tools needed to enable your staff to effectively provide Business Advisory services
  • Where needed, providing individual coaching to address specific staff or client needs


Compliance focused accounting practices will face a number of challenges as their industry and client needs continue to change.  Without the Business Advisory Services Training for Accountants and implementation support, you will put your clients and your relationships with them, at risk.

Your competitive advantage pivots on how you position your value proposition and develop the competencies needed to deliver it.

If you would like to accelerate your practice’s Business Advisory service offering and the competency required to meet your clients’ higher order needs, give Grant at Fortitude Business Consulting a call today on 1300 551 040.

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