The right advice makes all the difference

Get smarter, sounder business structure advice today.

  • Lower your tax debt.
  • Create flexibility and room for growth.
  • Protect your business and personal assets.
  • Establish a last line of defence against disaster.

Whether you’re setting up a new business, raising capital, taking on a new partner or need a new business structure that will grow with you, the right business structure advice can determine whether you succeed or fail to reach your strategic objectives

Start with a business structure that grows with you

Setting up a new legal business structure is an intricate affair. Prioritising saving a few dollars is a false economy. It’s best to establish the most suitable business structure in the first instance and allow room for growth rather than relying on subsequent restructures to get to the right place.

Fortitude’s business structure consulting experts make it easier to find the perfect solution for you – personally, commercially, and from a tax perspective.

We guide you step-by-step through this complicated decision, ensuring you:


Have appropriate control, ownership and flexibility for future growth


Meet your operational and strategic needs


Accommodate your industry’s nuances and regulatory requirements


Consider your personal circumstances, goals and objectives


Minimise your tax exposure


Get adequate asset protection and succession planning.

We ask all the right questions to determine the most suitable business structure for you, conducting extensive interviews to find opportunities for improvement and provide implementation support.

Business structure advice isn’t set and forget.

No business is an island. As circumstances, regulatory, and industry factors vary over time, your business structure will need to adjust.

While we recommend establishing the right structure in the first instance, sometimes restructuring creates benefits unachievable when your business began.

Restructuring is more convoluted than establishing a new structure. However, it’s sometimes necessary if you’ve started with the wrong structure, you’ve exceeded all growth expectations, or unexpected events, changing circumstances, or legislative changes make it attractive or imperative.

We provide you with the right business structure advice and implementation support to help you get more of what you want from your business.

Provide for future growth, lower tax and risk with Fortitude’s business structure advice and services.

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