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Arts and Recreation Services

Helping the Arts and Recreation industry counteract market volatility

The Arts and Recreation industry incorporates a vast range of services, yet global and local events (like COVID-19) can play havoc with many of these activities, introducing greater short-term volatility. To counteract unforeseen events, Arts and Recreation businesses must pay particular attention to:

  1. Customer service and communication
  2. Recruitment
  3. Self-promotion and marketing
  4. Health and safety
  5. Quality and cost control (especially wages)
  6. Critical and creative problem-solving skills

At Fortitude, we work with businesses in every sector of the Arts and Recreation industry, bringing our wealth of knowledge and extensive experience to help you achieve the profitability, security and lifestyle you seek.

Case study: Team Building


A recreational focused, corporate team building business was struggling to create adequate demand for their services. The business had an attractive offering, but no clear idea or strategy about how to market the business effectively. The owners were very good at interacting with customers and delivering a unique team building experience, but they weren’t marketers.

How we helped

In conjunction with the owners, we prepared a strategic marketing plan that:

  • Explored external operating environmental factors and critical success factors the owners needed to be aware of
  • Reviewed internal business operations, including its vision, product offering, culture, etc., establishing a clear business strategy and pathway to success
  • Identified a clear marketing strategy, objectives and an implementation plan.


With a clear marketing plan, the business could create the marketing assets and engage in the marketing campaigns to capture a larger share of the market and industry profit. It increased revenue by an average of 25% per annum over the next four years – 20% per annum higher than the four prior years.

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