Our capital raising services help boost your business growth.

  • Boost your negotiating power with financiers.
  • Get greater and faster access to the funding you need to grow your business.
  • Ensure greater peace of mind knowing your future is secure.

There is no one-size-fits-all solution in capital raising. Whether you want to grow organically or via acquisition, the capital-raising process is a crucial element of almost every business’ lifecycle.

The right ways to raise capital for business

Regardless of where you’re looking for equity or debt, there’s an art to the capital-raising process not every business owner knows.

The funding you choose needs to suit your business’ lifecycle stage, cashflow and risk profile. It needs to be available at an acceptable cost. Critically, it must also serve the financier’s requirements.

Capital raising is more complex than you think

Your success in securing funds depends on a great many things, including how potential financiers perceive your business’ track record, management, financial and commercial position.

Funders also assess your collateral, market and industry conditions differently, depending on their appetite, risk profile and policy requirements.

Even those who advocate for you affect funding decisions.

We make it easier to navigate the capital-raising process

Fortitude can help you develop a sound capital-raising strategy that optimises your funding options and solution. We can show you why it’s vital to:

  • Follow the right process
  • Establish your character, capabilities and ability to mitigate risks
  • Demonstrate you can meet funding conditions and repay the interest and principal for debt funding or provide an adequate return for equity funding.

Maximise your capital-raising prowess and future proof your business today.

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