Your users decide which innovations have value

Learn how to employ user-driven innovation strategies to find the perfect opportunity for your business.

  • Find innovation opportunities that perfectly match your capabilities.
  • Stop wasting resources on the wrong innovation problem.
  • Play to your unique innovation strengths.
  • Think beyond the box to expand your innovation efforts.
  • Achieve sustained, long-term success and wealth creation.

Do the following barriers to innovation plague you?

  • Do you find it hard to identify innovation opportunities that don’t require deep scientific knowledge or hefty research and development costs?
  • Do you jump into solution mode before fully understanding the problem you’re trying to address?
  • Have you ever made critical assumptions that weren’t entirely correct?

If you said ‘yes’ to any of the above, our user-driven innovation consulting services can help.

Discover a better way to find and troubleshoot innovation opportunities

User or customer needs drive demand for innovation. Genuinely understanding your users’ needs focuses your innovation efforts on:

  • What users genuinely need or want
  • What you can technically achieve
  • What is economically viable for you to produce?

user-driven innovation techniques and understanding human needs more deeply, you can avoid making flawed assumptions and ensure you focus your innovation efforts on solving the right problems in the right way.

Level the playing field using Fortitude’s User-Driven Innovation Framework

Our creative methodology and innovation tool lets you explore meaningful user problems and find superior solutions that drive business growth. It helps you solve complex, high-value innovation challenges while significantly reducing your risks.

The Fortitude User-Driven Innovation Framework helps you by:

  • Overcoming the limiting beliefs and barriers to innovation
  • Focusing on what’s meaningful to you, your business and your success
  • Making sure you solve the right innovation problem in the right way
  • Extracting the full commercial potential from your innovation opportunities.

We’ve also developed supporting tools to promote cognitive flexibility, empower creativity, and encourage experimentation and learning. Use our framework and tools to uncover and define problems (innovation opportunities), develop better answers, avoid unfounded assumptions and stop jumping straight into solution mode.

Play to your strengths and counter the resource advantages of larger corporates when it comes to innovation. Our user-driven innovation framework shows you how, step by step.

Future-proof your business today.

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