Structuring Perth Businesses for Innovation

An organisational structure is pivotal to innovation performance and plays an important role in establishing innovation as a core competency. Just like a building architect, owners and leaders are the architects of their business. They need to consider a number of key design criteria and match their key choices to the requirements of the operating environment and the chosen business strategy.

At Fortitude Business Consulting we specialise in helping business owners across Australia regain and structure their businesses for innovation, regardless of industry or location.

Structuring for Innovation

The design of your business systems plays a pivotal role in your business’s ability to effectively execute the chosen business strategy, maintain strategic alignment and develop its innovation competencies.

Fundamentally, innovation is a human endeavour. Those you employ and retain, and how they work together, determine how effective they are at both routine and innovation work. To a large extent, this is determined by the architectural choices you make in relation to the organisational structure, processes and culture. These choices substantially differentiate one business from another.

The essential point is that innovation requires autonomy, collaboration and communication. Separating everyone into discrete and self-contained sub-units and/or centralising decision-making does not maximise innovation outcomes.

As the key elements of the business systems must integrate with one another and match the demands of the operating environment. They must also reinforce the business strategy, maintain strategic alignment and facilitate ongoing innovation. These choices are fundamental to shaping behaviour and innovation capability.

Business Consulting Services Perth

At Fortitude, we help you structure your business for innovation and build your innovation competencies to maximise your long-term success.

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In addition to our Business Advisory services and Innovation Consulting, we also provide Accounting and Taxation services to keep you on track and compliant.
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