Book 2

Laying the foundations for innovation that works



If you want to embrace change and build your innovation capabilities…
If you’re ready to learn and make the most of your innovation efforts…

You can’t miss Grant Ferry’s second Innovation Opportunity book.

If you’re like most business owners and leaders, you have limited resources. You can’t afford to squander them.

While there’s no innovation without failure, your innovation activities must be as efficient and effective as possible.

In Book 2 of The Innovation Opportunity, Grant helps business owners and leaders navigate the complexities of genuinely effective innovation, take charge of their destiny and realise their dreams.

This practical step-by-step guide helps you make the most of your innovation opportunity by:

  • Overcoming the limiting beliefs that hold you and your team back
  • Aligning your innovation efforts with your purpose and goals – especially for closely-held businesses
  • Developing and executing your business’ mission, vision and, most importantly, strategy
  • Structuring your business to nurture and foster innovation
  • Managing uncertainty, mitigating risk and protecting the wealth you create.

The Innovation Opportunity Book 2 is your complete DIY guide for laying the foundation of innovation into the fabric of your business and getting what you want from life.

Praise For The Innovation Opportunity