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Harnessing Innovation Potential by Leveraging Creativity from Constraints

It sounds counterintuitive, but creativity from constraints is a thing. Have you ever wondered why large corporates with apparently unlimited resources still struggle to innovate effectively?  Meanwhile, smaller businesses with minimal resources are often more innovative. Often this is due…

How to Boost Profits with Creative Thinking Techniques

One of the best ways to boost your profits is with innovation, but you can’t begin without appropriate creative thinking techniques. Creative thinking techniques fuel innovation, encourage new insights and solutions and give your business an edge over your competition.…

Functional Fixedness and Negative Judgements Destroy Creativity

Functional fixedness and negative judgements are major impediments to creativity and innovation. In today’s business environment, the accelerating pace of change means you need to establish and maintain the cognitive flexibility capable of boosting creativity. You must reliably accelerate the…

The Science of Creativity

It’s only recently that the science of creativity has made any real inroads into developing our understanding of creativity. For centuries, creativity has been considered taboo and it has been actively avoided as a field of study. Surprisingly, advances in…

How to Boost Creative Thinking

Creativity is the fuel that powers innovation, therefore, it’s critical to boost creative thinking if you are to maximise the outcomes of your innovation efforts. Due to events such as COVID-19 and more generally, an increasing pace of innovation and…

How to Develop Business Creativity!

Business creativity requires an understanding of the nature of creativity and what it takes to make it flourish within the individuals and teams in your business. To survive and successfully grow a business in the long-term, creativity must form part…

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