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Assessing bankability for education and training industry clients


A school tutoring business wanted to purchase a complimentary business that would provide significant long-term strategic value. The client had to access finance to help fund the purchase and secure the opportunity. However, like many business owners, they didn’t know where they stood with their bank, how the bank would assess their request and, in the event of a finance offer, whether it would be properly structured with competitive terms and conditions.

How we helped

We assessed the client’s transactions and bankability using the same general approach major banks use to assess lending opportunities. This showed the client its relative borrowing strengths and weakness, giving them a chance to address their financing shortcomings before approaching lenders.

Knowledge is power. Forewarned, the client increased its negotiating power, and we could help the business owners secure funding on competitive terms.


The business owners avoided the hassle of changing banks, securing the long-term benefits of strategic business acquisition and the security, wealth and lifestyle they’ve sought from their business.

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