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Achieving Business Growth in a Competitive World!

The range and depth of the capabilities, advice and support required to achieve and sustain business growth in today’s highly complex, dynamic and competitive business environment is daunting!

While business owners possess skills and knowledge essential to their business; many are not specifically trained in the art and science of business management.  In addition to needing critical competences, the reality is they must seek professional advice and support if they are to make the most of their opportunities.

Sustained Business Growth Cannot be Achieved Alone!

If you want to enjoy sustained business growth, you cannot do it all alone!

Why?  Because it can be challenging to develop the competencies you need as it:

  • Takes a long time
  • Requires making the right choices about what competencies need to be developed
  • Requires suitable training and the practical experience needed to develop them effectively

The Right Advice and Support is Critical to Success!

Finding the right advice and support is another major challenge.  Often it can prove very difficult to:

  • Know what advice you need
  • Find someone who proactively offers you advice that meets your broader needs and objectives
  • Find someone who can help implement what needs to happen

Despite being essential to business growth, developing the competences and finding the proactive and holistic advice and support you need, can be very challenging.

The reality is, it doesn’t have to be this way!

Advice and Support for a Better Life!

You simply need someone with the right focus and the breadth of expert knowledge and skills who can provide the practical training, advice and support you need while actually growing your business and securing your dreams.

Fortunately for you, you have come to the right place!

At Fortitude, we believe that ongoing learning and the right advice and support are critical to the success of all business owners.

We focus on providing the opportunity for learning as part of all our engagements and offer dedicated programs for those who are looking to build critical core competencies while actively adding value to their businesses.

We help you achieve business growth while developing the competencies your business needs for its long-term success.

We focus on your overarching needs and assisting you with the critical steps of:

  • Building knowledge
  • Choosing the right strategies
  • Implementing the critical activities that make the difference to your bottom line!

Programs Designed to Make a Difference!

Our management consulting services include a range of individual services as well as dedicated programs focused on building your innovation capability, growing your business and sustaining your long-term competitive advantage.

Dedicated Programs include our:

  • Strategy, Growth and Innovation Program
  • Business Success Accelerator Program
  • Small Business Starter Program

For our individual services that can address specific needs, please see our services section.

If you would like to shape your destiny, achieve sustained business growth and learn how to create, sustain and secure the lifestyle and wealth you seek, give Fortitude Business Consulting a call today on 1300 551 040.

  • Testimonial Author Thumbnail

    "I have come to know Grant recently and have engaged his services to assist in the operations and structure of Books In Shape. His knowledge, expertise and wisdom exceeded my expectations on each occasion he has consulted with us. Every time we met to discuss various aspects of our business, he was punctual, reliable and went out of his way to provide a service with a high level of excellence. I highly recommend Grant as a man who not only has a wealth of knowledge, but as one who is able to astutely apply it to the situations faced in business. We have benefitted greatly as a business as a result of his input."

    ~ Keith Berry – Managing Director, Books In Shape Pty Ltd
  • Testimonial Author Thumbnail

    "Grant has helped me manage a wide range of business challenges.  His unrelenting pursuit of positive outcomes has helped me achieve my goals, both personal and business. He is truly committed to my success."

    ~ Brett Pickering – Managing Director, Fruit Master
  • Testimonial Author Thumbnail

    "Grant dedicatedly works as a true business partner in a way that we find both very refreshing and rewarding in today’s business environment.  He has been pivotal to the effective management of our business and attending to many pivotal commercial issues and transactions.  No matter what the situation at hand, Grant always has something valuable to bring to the table."

    ~ Col Beasley – Managing Director, Thurla Farms
  • Testimonial Author Thumbnail

    "For over 15 years, Grant has provided me with expert financial and commercial advice and support that has translated into significant value.  He has been invaluable in taking a lead role in developing and implementing strategies that enhance my business’s performance and my personal wealth and security."

    ~ Frank Tierney – Managing Director, Tierney Property Group
  • Testimonial Author Thumbnail

    "We have been working with Grant for more than 20 years and have relied on his expertise during the acquisition, growth and sale of a range of business ventures through this time.  He has a sound appreciation for our personal goals and provides us with the high-level business advice and support we need to make the most of our opportunities.  His breadth and depth of knowledge, negotiation skills and in particular his ability to bring new ideas to our businesses, have been a significant asset that continues to play a pivotal role in growing and protecting our business and realising our long-term dreams."

    ~ John O’Connor – Managing Director, Sharps Australia
  • Testimonial Author Thumbnail

    "We had no idea that we were steering a rudderless ship until we spoke with Grant. Through revision, vision and the ownership that Grant has applied, our business has found a new and exciting direction.  Our goals for growth are now in view and we feel confident and excited about our future."

    ~ Shaun Halit – Managing Director, Rural Fence & Trade
  • Testimonial Author Thumbnail

    "I have known Grant for many years, and have worked collaboratively with him to assist his clients with their legal and taxation needs.  During this time, I have been extremely impressed by Grant’s comprehensive understanding of his client’s businesses and the care and concern he shows for addressing his client’s issues. Grant is a very proactive adviser, thinking two or three steps ahead and addressing issues before they become a problem. I have seen first-hand on numerous occasions how Grant’s skills and deep understanding of how businesses operate have led to genuinely innovative solutions. As a legal adviser, it is a great help working with an adviser who has such a comprehensive knowledge of what the client is looking to achieve, and can add his own experience and lateral thinking to help resolve legal issues. Above all Grant takes genuine care of his client’s, treating the needs of their business as if it were his own. No stone is left unturned if it can lead to an improvement in the business, or could become a problem in the future. I would recommend Grant to any small to medium business owner who is looking to improve the way the business operates, needs help to address something holding the business back, or wants a knowledgeable and trusted adviser to help guide them."

    ~ John Storey – Managing Director, Velocity Legal
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    "Grant has been a great asset to The 500 Group providing business advisory and strategic planning services. Grant’s expertise and advice helped navigate The 500 Group through complex commercial and legal issues and assisted enormously in the growth of the business. We are grateful for his support and professionalism and would recommend Grant to anyone who is looking to maximise the value of their business"

    ~ Greg Pierlot – Managing Director, The 500 Group Pty Ltd

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