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In pursuing growth and knowing where to focus your innovation efforts, not only is it important to understand product life cycles, business life cycles, portfolio management and how to extract synergies, but also to ensure that the business remains in alignment with the business environment. Maintaining alignment involves more than operational improvements to drive efficiencies. It requires strategic alignment to ensure the appropriate fit with the shifting opportunities and threats presented by the business environment.

Invariably, change in the external environment creates opportunities and threats that require strategic innovation to transform the business model and/or internal business systems, and reinstate alignment. Any misalignment between the environment and the business will cause growth and profitability to evaporate.

As time passes, changes occur in both the operating environment and the way the business is functioning. If the business and environment are not both tracking in the same direction, this results in a misfit that threatens business performance and potentially its survival.

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A misfit can occur as a result of a misalignment between the demands of the business environment and either the business model or the business systems (organisational structure, processes or culture), or both.

To correct a misfit, you need to be able to identify it in a timely manner, then undertake the necessary strategic innovation and internal restructuring to change course and re-establish alignment.

At Fortitude Business Consulting we specialise in helping business owners across Australia regain and maintain strategic alignment, regardless of industry or location.

Strategic Alignment with Businesses Management Consultant in Canberra

To maintain strategic alignment, it’s useful to develop an understanding of the internal components of the business that may need transformation. All businesses consist of a number of components that may require transformation in order to ensure appropriate fit. These include the:

Business model – the business’ inputs, throughput, output and their resulting profit algorithm

Business systems – the business’ organisational structure, process and culture

Organisational members – the business owner, leader and all personnel.

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Every business model is supported by the business systems, which are in turn underpinned by the organisational members. Accordingly, bringing about strategic realignment will require transformation of one or more of these components.

Maintaining strategic alignment requires an appreciation of the frequency and scale of change within your environment, and what must be accomplished to maintain or re-establish alignment.

At Fortitude, we help you maintain strategic alignment to maximise your success.

Maintaining Strategic Alignment with Innovation Consulting Services in Canberra

Bearing in mind the pace of change and the desire for ongoing competitive advantage, it’s inevitable that a business needs to change in order to adapt to the operating environment or shape the environment to suit itself. Either way, change is a given and strategic innovation is essential to maintain alignment and future profits.

An essential task for business owners and leaders is to avoid getting stuck with an outdated cognitive map and the danger of building a flawed picture of their industry, their markets and themselves. Instead, owners and leaders must constantly monitor their environment and update their understanding of competitive forces, which often goes against the current dominant thinking within the business.

In seeking to maximise success, you cannot be exclusively focused on generating today’s profits. Instead, it’s essential to develop the capabilities to simultaneously exploit the current business model while exploring the business model of the future. You must be looking after today, tomorrow and the next day!

One of the three pillars of our business advisory services involves Innovation Consulting – helping you maintain both strategic alignment and competitive advantage necessary to support the freedom, wealth and security you seek.

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In addition our Business Advisory Services and Innovation Consulting, we also provide the Accounting and Taxation services to keep you on track and compliant.

Incorporating our Accounting and Taxation services into your operations enhances your business performance and after-tax wealth.

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