Business Consulting and Growth Services in Brisbane

At some point, driving growth often requires enlarging the scope of your business beyond its current products and services, lines of business and existing location(s). Exploring and selecting the most strategically desirable option for growth requires an understanding of:

  • What the key dimensions for growth are – doing more of the same, or expanding the scope of the business
  • How to develop and manage a suitable portfolio of products, businesses and geographic locations.

At Fortitude Business Consulting we specialise in helping business owners across Australia hone their core business and grow from the core.

The Dimensions of Businesses Management in Brisbane

Business Management in Adelaide has two broad options for growing your business: doing more of the same or expanding the scope of your business.

When you are operating in one industry, your business strategy defines how you will be competitive and determines the general nature of your products. In this case, business growth can be achieved by increasing your business’ production capacity, and driving demand to capture greater market share for your existing products within your current geographical reach.

Typically, trying to achieve growth by doing more of the same becomes constraining at some point. When you reach the limits of your current operations, the push for further growth often requires you to expand the scope of your business.

When you reach this point, you can extend the scope of your business by expanding:

Horizontally – into new products or customer segments within your current industry or industries; for example, a breakfast cereal food manufacturer and wholesaler might grow by:

  • Creating a new blend of breakfast cereal to expand its current line of products
  • Taking an existing product that is targeted at the eight to thirteen-year old segment of the market and expanding it into the adult segment.

Vertically – by moving up or down the value chain into your customers’ or suppliers’ businesses; for example, a food manufacturer and wholesaler moving upstream into retailing its finished products, or downstream into growing some of its key inputs.

Geographically – into new regions, either domestically or internationally.

Business Consulting Services in Brisbane

At Fortitude, we specialise in helping owner operated business understand their options and make an appropriate choice by answering the questions:

  • What products and services should you produce?
  • What businesses should you be in?
  • What geographical locations should you operate in?

Business Advisory for Success in Brisbane

Typically, the objective of growth is to find ways to ensure that business expansion results in more value than the sum of the individual products, locations or businesses. However, the greater the degree of control and/or cooperation sought, the more management involved; in turn, this reduces the inability to respond to changes in the operating environment. That is, diversification inevitably adds costs and constraints and often come in the form of:

  • Higher governance costs
  • Slower decision-making
  • Strategy incongruence
  • Dysfunctional control
  • Dulled incentives

Accordingly, the decision to expand a business needs to be based on the ability to create more value through synergies than what’s destroyed through the reduced responsiveness and increased management costs.

At Fortitude, we help business manage growth in a strategic manner so that you create and capture more value – helping you achieve the freedom, wealth and security you desire.

Accounting and Taxation Advisory Services in Brisbane

In addition to our business growth services, we also provide the Accounting and Taxation services to keep you on track and compliant.

Incorporating our Accounting and Taxation services into your business growth plans enhances your business performance and after-tax wealth.
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