Comprehensive Business Advisory Services in Adelaide

In this day and age, resisting change is an impossible task. From a pandemic to climate crises, we’re often reminded that the world is becoming increasingly unpredictable. Although change might be an inescapable reality, it’s how we adapt to it that matters.

At Fortitude Business Consulting we specialise in helping business owners across Australia navigate and adapt to change.

Business Consulting and Planning Services in Adelaide

Being in business and not planning is akin to drifting rudderless at sea. To successfully navigate the never-ending waves of change and competition towards your vision of success, your business must have a mission. Without business consultation and proper business planning, you are entirely at the mercy of the competitive dynamics and broader business environment.

Planning is not something to be done for the sake of it. It’s a means to an end, a means of creating success!

At Fortitude, we specialise in providing perfect business planning and creating your success.

Business Advisory for Success in Adelaide

The very fact that plans deal with the future means they are based on assumptions. They, therefore, incorporate an inherent element of uncertainty, inaccuracy and potential for failure. This is not an excuse for failing to plan. Instead, to address these issues, plans must remain flexible and adaptable so that new information and ideas can be incorporated, as the gradual process of experimenting and learning proceeds and reality unfolds.

To some extent, business advisory plans must emerge. Care must be taken to avoid rejecting information and ideas or committing to a particular course prematurely. Rather, you must plan for learning by undertaking activities to search for, challenge, experiment with and analyse opportunities and threats. It’s both the planned action and planned learning that determine your success.

One of the cornerstones of our services in three pillars of our business advisory services involves Innovation Consulting – helping you remain flexible, adapt to change and stay ahead of the game.

Fortitude’s Business Planning Framework

Fortitude’s planning framework involves four basic steps that can be applied in solving all types of problems – including adapting to change, capturing opportunities and managing threats:

Identifying – knowing where to look; being aware of and acknowledging the existence of the problem.

Diagnosing – assessing and developing an understanding of the structure and underlying cause of the problem.

Conceiving – generating and selecting solutions to the problem/

Realising – taking action by employing the identified solutions and evaluating the results.

Business Advisory Services in Adelaide

Building this framework starts with an effective mission and vision for your business. Together, your business mission and vision set the scene, providing direction and a filter for identifying relevant opportunities and threats. You then know which of these merits the diagnosing, conceiving and realising steps, and which need to be ignored.

At Fortitude, we step you through the planning process and allow you to create and sustain your success.

Accounting and Taxation Services in Adelaide

In addition to business planning, we also provide Accounting and Taxation services to keep you on track and compliant.

Incorporating our Accounting and Taxation services into your business planning requirements enhances your business performance and after-tax wealth.
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