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Succession Planning

Selling or exiting your business may seem like a long-term vision. Yet preparing for when that time comes is crucial to maximising and protecting your wealth.

A poorly executed change of ownership can derail even the most successful business. You need a strong and well developed Succession Plan in place to ensure your wealth is maximised and protected.

In reality, there are many events that can force a change of business ownership. You will not always be able to foresee these. Business owner relationships can be complex and impacted by:

  • Introduction of new owners, including family members
  • Decisions of one or several owners to exit the business
  • Serious prolonged illness, permanent disability or death

A Succession Plan enables you to prepare for expected or unexpected changes of business ownership. Fortitude strengthens your business for stability and security through Succession Planning that:

  • Minimises business disruption
  • Provides commercial financial security
  • Minimises the risk potential of enforced business sale to external parties
  • Facilitates tax efficient business ownership transfer

Fortitude helps to pave the way for an optimum change in business ownership, all while being compassionate to the fact that Succession Planning can be a daunting and overwhelming task for business owners.

Succession PlanningWe set your mind at ease by delivering a comprehensive pragmatic Succession Plan that matches the needs of your business. You can rest assured that your business is succession-ready for whenever a change of ownership may be necessary. Speak with Fortitude Business Consulting today.