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How to develop business creativity!

Business creativity requires an understanding of the nature of creativity and what it takes to make it flourish within the individuals and teams.

To survive and successfully grow a business in a sustained way, creativity must be a part of your business culture.

If you are not constantly developing new and novel ideas that enhance the way you meet your customer needs and improve the way you do business, you will be putting your income and wealth at risk.

Business creativity

In the context of growing a business and its value, we are referring to creativity in the technical sense, as opposed to artistic creativity.

Business creativity largely involves breaking away from the bounds of existing cognitive maps and exploring new alternatives.  It involves both logical and intuitive thinking processes to arrive at new ways of thinking.

While there are many tools that are available to promote creativity in individuals and team environments, significant focus needs to be placed on the underlying drivers of creativity to extract maximum benefit from those tools.

Creativity & Innovation

Factors that influence individual creativity

Business creativity is a human endeavour and one that can be taught in the right environment.  It begins with understanding what contributes to an individual’s degree of creativity.  This is largely influenced by the individuals:

Cognitive factors, including their:

  1. Mental flexibility
  2. Ability to link remote associations
  3. Ability to suspend judgement
  4. Ability to develop multiple imaginative ideas

Personality traits, including their:

  1. Risk taking
  2. Self-confidence
  3. Tolerance of ambiguity
  4. Proactivity
  5. Need for achievement
  6. Autonomy and non-conformity
  7. Desire for learning and new knowledge

Knowledge, including their:

  1. Formal knowledge – knowledge that is explicit or codified and capable of being transmitted in written or verbal form
  2. Tacit knowledge – knowledge rooted in practice and experience that is often difficult to transfer in written or verbal form

Level of motivation, the impetus to apply cognitive skill, personality traits and knowledge to the development of creative ideas, including both:

  1. Extrinsic motivation – the external system of reward, such as the remuneration model
  2. Intrinsic motivation – the internal desire to engage in a task out of interest, enjoyment or personal challenge

To enhance business creativity and promote additional new and novel ideas, you must manage these factors and build an environment the promotes and fosters them.  The more successful you can do this, the greater the chances you have of developing the new ideas needed to grow your business’s revenue, new profit and market value.

Building an environment for business creativity

With training and practice, all the relevant cognitive abilities can be developed.  While IQ is an important factor, it is far from being the holy grail of creativity.

By selecting the right people for the job and providing appropriate training, the right personality traits can be acquired and developed.

With appropriate focus on training, knowledge sharing and development, both formal and tacit knowledge can be developed and honed into competencies capable of creating much value.

With the right reward system, leadership and culture, motivation can be maximised to encourage the business creativity needed to sustain and grow your income and wealth.

Ultimately, both the creative resources you have at your disposal (the collective cognitive factors, personality traits and knowledge), the environment in which they are employed (systems, processes and culture) and the level of motivation in which you can encourage their application, will determine how well your business performs in the long-run.  How well you are placed in the competitive race!

Factors of creativity

Are you ready to maximise business creativity?

Business creativity is the foundation upon which new value is created and at the heart of the innovation process that drives growth and sustainability!

It is essential for the development of the ideas needed to create new value and to solve the many impediments encountered along the journey of converting them into customer value, competitive advantage, profits and wealth.

This means you must understand how to:

  1. Promote personal creativity
  2. Tap into the creativity of those around you
  3. Build creativity and innovation into the fabric of your business

Are you ready to maximise business creativity and take the innovation journey to greater profits and wealth?

If you would like to learn how your business can grow and thrive by promoting the creativity needed to fuel ongoing innovation – give the team at Fortitude Business Consulting a call on 1300 551 040.


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How to develop business creativity!