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How to develop business creativity!

Creativity and innovation

Creativity is the source of the idea stream that flows into the innovation activity that ultimately drives your income, wealth and success. This journey begins with having an understanding of the nature of creativity, the key factors that influence it and how to build an environment in which it can flourish.

Creativity and innovation – the keys to success!

Creativity and Innovation - the keys to success

Creativity and innovation are fundamental to the long-term growth and success of your business. Connect creativity and innovation are the bedrock of entrepreneurial activity and the keys to your income, wealth and long-run success.

How to evaluate business opportunities!

How to evaluate business opportuniites

Creating and sustaining business success requires knowing how to effectively evaluate business opportunities. This is an essential task if you are to avoid burning significant time and capital. Knowing how to avoid the common pitfalls and the critical factors that must be addressed, greatly improves your chances of success!

Finding Opportunities For Business Growth

For business owners seeking to maximise their long-term wealth, finding opportunity to create new value is an essential and ongoing task. Knowing the sources of opportunity and where to look for them is crucial to stocking the opportunity register, and creating the new value required to sustain your long-term competitive advantage.

Business Strategy – are you making this critical mistake?

Business Strategy

When trying to grow their business and achieve superior performance, a common critical mistake made by business owners is to strive to be the best and to try and please everyone. This approach is flawed. You must aim to be unique - to be the best at something specific for someone specific - to achieve superior business performance and success.

Why business owners need a mission & purpose!

Purpose and Mission

Your business mission and purpose it what sends your business on its way. It provides direction, focus and alignment with your personal goals and is the foundation for setting the scene for achieving the superior business performance needed to deliver what you want from life. It prevents drift and maximises success!

How to make your life a success!

Success in life

Often we do not spend the time to discover what we want from life and as a result, we fail to shape our future in a manner that creates meaningful success. Getting what we want from life commences with truly understanding what is most important to us. For business owners, it is then a matter of aligning their business with their personal goals and aspirations and getting it to deliver what they want from life.

Why Mindset Matters to Business Innovation!

Why mindset matters to business innovation and success

Your mindset is one of the most powerful determinates of the success you achieve in life. It provides the fuel for ongoing learning and the continuous improvement needed to drive business innovation and success. It has shaped your past, is shaping your present and will shape your future.

Failing to innovate destroys businesses & industries!

Failing to innovate destroys businesses and industries

Failing to innovate risks everything, It destroys businesses, industries and livelihoods - everything you have worked for. For you INNOVATION=GROWTH. Use the power of innovation to avoid failure!

Overcoming the barriers to innovation!

Innovation and change

Innovation is the application of new and creative ideas and inherently involves change, sometimes substantial change. To successfully grow your business, to be able to implement the new and creative ideas necessary to drive your business into the future, you must overcome the barriers to innovation and importantly the barriers to change. The fear of change coupled with inadequate change management can prove to be a formidable barrier to business innovation, growth and long-term success.