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Case Studies

Case study 1: New Business Development

The project: A group of entrepreneurs identified a business opportunity to revitalise the Australian dried vine fruit industry. They needed help to commercialise the concept.

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Case study 2: Strategy Planning and Implementation

The project: Initial engagement by a family manufacturing company as a traditional business advisory, accounting and tax compliance provider. Over time the relationship developed into a strategic partnership focussed creating the owners business and personal success.

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Case study 3: Strategy Planning and Implementation

The project: A client business had suffered severe setbacks to its cash flow, asset market value and long-term financier relationship. The business had a diverse operation and asset holding. Yet its planning and management structure didn’t keep pace with growth. Nor was there sufficient scenario forecasting undertaken to analyse risks associated with its multiple large-scale investments.

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Case Study 4: Business Exit to Maximise Returns

The project: An industry downturn forced a major agriculture joint venture to reassess the most viable way to maximise its returns. There were a number of joint ventures involved with great diversity in opinion and ownership structure.

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